Jun 19, 2023

Billie Eilish Shares What Metalcore Band She's Listening To

It appears that Billie Eilish listens to It Dies Today, a 2000s-era metalcore band that recorded for Trustkill Records who are reuniting in 2023.

Eilish, the mega pop star whose dance-oriented alt-pop incorporates some rock elements and who gives frequent winks to metal culture, recently shared It Dies Today's 2004 song "A Threnody for Modern Romance" on her Instagram Story, as Lambgoat pointed out on Wednesday (Aug. 2).

See a screenshot near the bottom of this post.

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Billie Eilish repping It Dies Today couldn't have come at a better time for the metalcore band. It Dies Today are reuniting for the revived underground punk and metalcore festival Furnace Fest 2023 this Sept. 22–24 in Birmingham, Alabama.

It Dies Today have even responded to Eilish's nod, asking on Twitter, "This real, or am I getting tricked by the internet again?"

What do you think of Billie Eilish giving an Instagram shout-out to It Dies Today? Do you remember the classic metalcore band? Whatever the case, it certainly seems a bit of serendipitous synergy between the the pop star and the metal band.

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