Aps 500kg 5ton Electric Industrial Copper Aluminum Scrap Metal Smelting Cast Iron Brass Bronze Stainless Steel Smelting Induction Melting Furnace for Sale

Aps 500kg 5ton Electric Industrial Copper Aluminum Scrap Metal Smelting Cast Iron Brass Bronze Stainless Steel Smelting Induction Melting Furnace for Sale

Overview Package Size 380.00cm * 160.00cm * 190.00cm Package Gross Weight 3800.000kg APS STELL SHELL FURNACE Induction M


Basic Info.
Model NO. GW-5T
Type IF Furnace
Usage Sand Casting
Fuel Electric
Input Voltage 380V-950V
Input Frequenccy 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption 400-450kwh/T(Copper)
Melting Time 30-60 Minutes
Metal Material Copper
Working Temperature 1200-1250 Degrees
Melting Capacity 500kg to 30tons
Furnace Type Steel Shell Furnace
Tilting Device Hydraulic Station
Working Frequency Medium Frequency
Start up Sucess Rate 100%
Melting Crucible Refractory Material
Cooling System Water Cooling System
Heating Element Induction Coil
Temperature Control Electric Control
Transport Package International Standard
Specification 40HQ
Trademark APS
Origin Jiangsu Taizhou
HS Code 8514200090
Production Capacity 100
Packaging & Delivery
Package Size 380.00cm * 160.00cm * 190.00cm Package Gross Weight 3800.000kg
Product Description

Aps 500kg 5ton Electric Industrial Copper Aluminum Scrap Metal Smelting Cast Iron Brass Bronze Stainless Steel Smelting Induction Melting Furnace for Sale


Induction Melting furnace for Copper Casting

I. Technical specification:

Application Meeting requirement for melting ferrous and non-ferrous metal
Capacity range300kg to 30,000kg(related to copper)
Standard featuresSteel shell
Porcelain insulated induction coil
Waterless yoke
All-round protective cover
Furnace-leakage alarm
Optional featuresFume hood
Lining push-out mechanism
KGCL power supply
KGPS power supply

II. Details description:2-1.Fuenace designFurnace can be customized to be common column type design, or open furnace design.What is open furnace design? On the basis of ensuring the strength of the furnace body, the redundant coil columns are eliminated, making the furnace body more convenient for maintenance, and at the same time leaving enough space for future capacity upgrades. When users need to increase production, they only need to upgrade the capacity of the old furnace without investing in a new smelting system.

New open steel shell furnace
Ordinary column type steel shell furnace

2-2. Advanced Rodless induction coilFurnace can be customized to be common induction coil,, or rodless induction coil.What is rodless induction coil? According to common manufacturing methods, the active coil and the water-cooled coil need to be fabricated separately and then welded together. By using horizontal winding process, and the effective coil and the water-cooled coil can be wound from the same oxygen-free copper tube without any segmentation. Coil turn gaps are tight and consistent for maximum electrical efficiency.

Advanced rodless induction coil
common induction coil
SpecificationRodless induction coilCommon induction coil
Copper materialTU1 copperTU2 copper
Refractory materialOf AlliedOf Allied
FeaturesRodless structureHorizontal windingPorcelain insulation treatmentFurnace-leakage monitoringHigh voltage ignition and overheating protection.Rod structurePorcelain insulation treatmentFurnace-leakage monitoring

2-3. Wind cooling yokeThe yoke is a unique design without water cooling and adopts wind cooling, so it can protect it from any hidden danger of water leakage.2-4. Upgrade all-round protective coverBesides anti-drop protection cover, there is a protective cover around the coil and the water-cooled cables, which can protect the coil from the damage caused by the falling or collision of metal debris, and also effectively protect the water-cooled cable from contact with metal debris and cause overheating problems. Moreover, the protective cover does not cause any trouble for maintenance, because it does not need to be dismantled during repair.


Advantages compared to common KGPS parallel power1. Very high power factorThe entire production process maintains a very high power factor (0.95-1), low reactive power loss, and more energy saving.2. Excellent harmonic performanceThe harmonic content is low, which meets the requirements of the power sector for harmonics, and users no longer need to purchase high-order harmonic treatment devices. I. Technical specification
Power RangeUp to 36000KW, 6, 12, 24 or 48 pulse line power rectifier system
Standard featuresPLC automatic melting management system
Precise and sensitive digital optical fiber control system
Intelligent monitoring system (including ordinary version of leakage furnace alarm)
Fault self-diagnosis function
Remote diagnostic system
DSP intelligent power control processor
Core device "pre-installed backup"
Modular assembly mode
smart meter
Safety interlock switch
Factory TestKey Components
Optional FeaturesMultiple smelting furnaces melting at the same time
Automatic production line
New leaking furnace alarm
Furnace weighing system
Melting shop control system
MoreContact us for customized solution
II. Details description
2-1. Advanced optical fiber control systemFrequency conversion adaptive. It take less than 0.2 seconds from start-up to full power output, when the peers take longer time. Under the standard configuration, the melting time is about 40-50 minutes.
2-2. Emergency backup assembly conceptThe core components inside the electric cabinet, such as thyristor, capacitor, etc., are equipped with spare modules, and the backup modules can be quickly activated when a certain device is damaged and production is stopped. It can continue to produce without repair. As for the damaged spare parts, just need to disconnect the wire, or directly remove it for repair, which has no effect on the equipment.

Aps 500kg 5ton Electric Industrial Copper Aluminum Scrap Metal Smelting Cast Iron Brass Bronze Stainless Steel Smelting Induction Melting Furnace for Sale

2.3- Smart meter Smart meter can display and record monthly power consumption, daily power consumption and ton of power consumption in real time,which providing reliable and detailed smelting data for production enterprises to make production planning and cost accounting.2.4- Easy to operate
PLC smelting manager can display the real-time data and information of the entire system in real time. It can be used by operators to start, stop, and reset the power supply on the furnace table. It also has automatic heat preservation, automatic oven, cold furnace start, and fault display. and other functions.
Although there are many functions, the operation is very simple. All it takes is a "start", "stop" switch and a power adjustment knob to complete the operation.
2-5. Super practical modular assembly designThe power cabinet adopts a modular assembly design. If users want to increase production capacity in the future, they only need to add the relevant modules on the basis of the original power cabinet to realize the model upgrade. Instead of purchasing another electric cabinet, they can increase capacity at the lowest cost.


After-sale service

1. On-line commissioning, for the coreless induction melting system produced by our company, we provide on-line commissioning service without geographical restrictions, so that your system can be put into operation as soon as possible.2. Provide maintenance services for important components such as circuit boards, coils, and yokes. After repairing, they can meet the original technical indicators and factory standards.3. Original spare parts service is a hasty job. We have a complete spare parts warehouse to ensure that regular spare parts can be shipped within 24 hours. For circuit boards, yokes, reactors and other self-developed products, we can provide you with cost price, saving you the cost of purchasing accessories after sale;4. Provide overhaul service, we retrofit your system to the latest system, meet the latest electrical and control standards. This means greater reliability, efficiency and productivity without having to invest in new systems.5. For the coreless induction smelting system produced by our company, we provide capacity-upgrade services, and we can upgrade it on the basis of the original one to improve productivity without investing in a new system.6.Taining service. We also train your employees and instruct them in the operation of your system.


APS Induction Furnace (Taizhou) Co., Ltd.
APS Induction Technology (Taizhou) Co., Ltd. is a rare high-tech enterprise in China with international leading technology in induction melting and heating field. At present, the capacity of induction melting furnaces produced can up to 70 tons, and the power supply can reach to 50,000kw. The heating equipment can be used in carbon-based/ceramic-based composite materials, carbon fiber/silicon carbide fiber, high-performance ceramics, graphite, vacuum diffusion welding, vacuum hot pressing, vacuum melting, powder metallurgy, environmental protection and other industrial.In addition, we are also a professional manufacturer of power control boards, induction coils, water-cooled cables, yokes, and reactors. Compared with other manufacturers in China, we have outstanding advantages in product price, quality control, and delivery time.As an industrial equipment manufacturer with R & D capabilities, we keep seeking a balance between product economy and practicability in continuous innovation to ensure that we can provide the most valuable production solutions for each application, reduce costs for our users and help them improve production competitiveness.We hope to establish a more efficient, clean, low-carbon and circular green casting system by supplying stable, high-efficiency, energy-saving, safe and relatively cheap induction melting and heating equipment, and contribute to global energy conservation and emission reduction.

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